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  • Английская школа Malvern House в Лондоне

    Английская школа Malvern House в Лондоне

  • Malvern House  in Cyprus

    Malvern House in Cyprus

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    Школа Clubclass

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    Курсы английского языка

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    Школа английского языка BritishWay

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    Корпоративное обучение

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Making arrangments, winning the lotteryChange Management, Giving opinionsExpressing feelings of regret: Modal verbs and I wishExpressing surprise, likely\unlikely , bound to, certain to, sure toBusiness. Questions bout job, the Type of Company

Video 1

greetings,  to be,  questions words,  Alphabet, numbers, prepositions, telling the time

Video 2

there is, there are;  some and any;  this, that; these, those; Present Simple, too

Video 3

modal verb "can", making suggestion, I would like, some amd any - exceptions

Video 4

Present Continuous, planned action, duties and responsibilities - have to

Video 5

verb "have" giving directions, to be (Past) - was, were

Video 6

Past Simple, adjectivs, modal verb "should" for giving advice

Video 7


Video 8

will, to be going to, types of questions

Video 9

video telephone language, ways of permission "can", modal verbs: must, have to

Video 10

will - predictions, to be going to, past in question form, the verb "like", past continuous, so and such

Video 11

modal verbs: to be able, might, used to, question tag

Video 12

as...as, more....than, Present Perfect

Video 13

discussion about changes, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous, Gerund or Infinitive, First Conditional

Video 14

phrasal verbs, Second Conditional, Farawells and Future contacts, Saying Goodbyes

Video 15

Have something done, Past Perfect

Video 16

Third Conditional, the verb I wish to express regret

Video 17

The differences between British or American words, Adjective order

Video 18

Passive Form, Socializing phrases

Video 19

Making arrangments, winning the lottery

Video 20

Change Management, Giving opinions

Video 21

Expressing feelings of regret: Modal verbs and I wish

Video 22

Expressing surprise, likely\unlikely , bound to, certain to, sure to

Video 23

Business. Questions bout job, the Type of Company

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